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Poster: guyzilla Date: Jun 23, 2012 10:19pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (1949) - Question

I don't think I'm going to be buying any more of Sinister's product from now on either. It seems that lots of times when I do, especially a film I've been looking for for a long time, after I order from them and it comes in, I find the same film in the store in better quality at a lesser price. And those crappy title cards they tack on to some films, as you mentioned, are a source of annoyance to me as well. And the quality is poor as well, and I don't know if it's the transfer process or if it's just a faded print. An example of this would be my upload of THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE (the "extended" version). Someone has since uploaded a much better copy so Ive added that to my collection. I do remember being told that most of the dvds they have out now are not transferred from the film elements themselves but from the video masters that they made from them. I was told this years ago by the guy on the other end of line when I phoned in my order. They were just starting to go from vhs to dvd at the time. So I would say that Sinister's day (and Alpha's too) are drawing to a close. You could do better to just download what's here, picture quality notwithstanding, for free, than pay top dollar and get the same thing at Sinister. Most of what I've uploaded in the past came from there, so out of that, what you get here for free, I had to pay for. Now that I think about it, that stinks.

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Poster: billymays55 Date: Jul 20, 2012 12:48pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (1949) - Question

Same story for "A Close Call For Boston Blackie" (1946), late renewal going by in-notice. I will upload both.